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The strange weather patterns of 2023 have had a significant impact on the level and timing of the risk of […]


Update 2: Following active surveillance in the north-east Kent temporary control zone (TCZ), 2 further cases of bluetongue in cattle have been identified at 2 new locations in the existing TCZ, in the Sandwich area. Both locations are linked to holdings where cases have recently been found.


SCOPS needs your help.

Reports from around the UK suggest that the incidence of disease in sheep due to Haemonchus contortus has increased in recent years. This is generating requests to SCOPS for more information.


Following active surveillance in the north-east Kent Temporary Control Zone (TCZ), 1 further case of bluetongue in a bull has been identified in the existing TCZ in the Deal area.


Hear from a panel of experts for an update on bluetongue and the current strain (BTV-3) that has been confirmed in UK cases.


A licence has been made available by Defra for animal movements to be considered, from premises within the Kent and Norfolk Temporary Control Zones (TCZ) to premises outside the TCZ, where there are welfare reasons.


Wishing all our members and industry supporters a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Our opening hours over the holiday period – we close at 5pm Thursday 21st December and open again on Wednesday 3rd January 2024.


Brand-new Annual Health and Welfare Review resources for vets are now live. These were developed by AHDB in conjunction with the Pathway’s vet group, and can be found on AHDB’s website by following this link:

Annual Health and Welfare Review: resources for vets | AHDB


Congratulations to Fiona Lovatt awarded the NSA George Hedley Memorial Award 2023 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the UK sheep industry.


Further cases of BTV3 have been confirmed over the weekend within the existing Temporary Control Zone (TCZ) in Kent, however there has been a positive development that a designation has been confirmed for the ABP Guildford abattoir.


Further bluetongue cases confirmed

Following active surveillance in the north-east Kent Temporary Control Zone (TCZ), a further 5 cases of bluetongue in cattle have been identified on a holding in the Sandwich Bay area.


From Wednesday 13th December 2023, a registered farm vet will be able to digitally record a Vet Attestation for sheep keepers on the Livestock Information Service.

We are pleased to inform you that you can now use the Livestock Information Service portal (England) to digitally record a vet attestation for a sheep keepers’ holding.

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