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Welfare: Nick Hart and Iain Richards

CPD / events planning: Ed Hill, Yoav Alony Gilboa and Ruldolf Reichel

AMR: Mark Thompson, Clare Phythian, Shona Mouncey  and Rachel Forster

Parasitology / AHR: Shona Mouncey and Sian Mitchell

Surveillance & Future Farming: Amy Jennings, Sue Tongue, Nanja Verkuijl,  Heather  Stevenson, Iain Richards and Nick Hart

Conference: Phillipa Page, Moyna Richey, Judith Charnley and  Bev Hopkins

Red Tractor: Nick Hart

PSGHS: Harriet Fuller

RUMA: Fiona Lovatt

SCOPs: Davina Hinde

RHAWG: Moyna Richey

Antibiotic Guardians: Rachel Forster

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