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The committee year runs from AGM to AGM (which normally takes place at the Autumn Scientific meeting).

All committee members are elected for a period of three years apart from the Presidents who spend a year in each of the three roles.

The Executive Office bearers, the Secretary, Treasurer, Conference Organiser and Proceedings Editor are not so stringently bound by the three year rule!

President: Joe Henry

Senior Vice President: Dave Wilson

Junior Vice President: Kim Hamer

Secretary: Rudolf Reichel

Treasurer: Tricia Sutton

Conference Organiser: Phillipa Page

Proceedings Editor: Amy Jennings

Overseas Representative: Jon Higgins

Non Veterinary Representative: Kevin Harrison

Committee members:

Miranda Timmerman, Jonathan Hobbs, Heidi Svensgaard, Leanne Forde, David Charles and Georgins Rigby

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