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  • Alan Baldry Award Recipients
  • The John Rodger Quaich
  • The Eitan-Rapoport Award
  • Honorary Membership

Alan Baldry Award Recipients

Awarded in recognition of long-term contributions made to the continued wellbeing of the Society.

The John Rodger Quaich

Awarded in recognition of achievements, which benefit the Society or sheep industry during the previous year.

John Rodger was a very enthusiastic Society member and past President (1989-1990) who practised in Crieff, Perthshire. Many of us remember him not only for enthusiasm for sheep (he promoted flock health plans long before they were generally discussed) and the Society, but also for his construction of a concrete boat outside the Crieff surgery! He eventually sailed the world in said boat. He and Jean were always very welcoming at their house.

His widow, Jean, who last joined us for dinner at the Society meeting in Pitlochry in September 2005, gave the Quaich in John’s memory following his death.

The committee at the time, with Jean’s agreement, decided that it should be presented, whenever appropriate, to a member (or members) of the society who had been particularly active and supportive to the society over the past year (AGM to AGM), the decision being made by the Executive Committee.

The Eitan-Rapoport Award

In memory of the Eitan, award given the to the ‘Best international presentation’.

Eitan was a great vet and a regular attendee at our SVS conferences, who did much to unite the sheep vets in the countries around Israel while their governments were in conflict.

Honorary Membership

The highest honour the Society can bestow.  Awarded in recognition of lifetime contributions to the Society’s aims of promoting sheep health and welfare.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Constitution of the Society.

  1. An honorary member will normally be a member of the SVS.
  2. She/he will be a person, who in the opinion of the executive committee has given long and valuable support to the Society.

This support may have been through one or more of the following:

  1. significant scientific contributions to the Society’s meetings and publications.
  2. distinguished services as a member of the Society’s executive.
  3. prominent and distinguished contributions to the promotion of good health and welfare of sheep.

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