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20 January 2023

The Karl Linklater Award Fund has been set up to help sponsor delegates from lower income countries attend the ISVA (International Sheep Veterinary Association) congresses.

For example recent veterinarians who are trying to advance their knowledge and skills in sheep health and production.

The hope is that this in turn will help alleviate poverty and hunger in their home areas by helping control small ruminant diseases such as PPR, Peste de Petits Ruminants.

In order that we can sponsor as many delegates as possible we have set up the Karl Linklater Challenge to travel 500 miles or more by bike, running, swimming or walking.

If you would like to take part or sponsor someone please get in touch

Donations can be sent to ISVA Karl Linklater Award Fund

Bank of Scotland

  • Account name:            ISVA Karl Linklater Award Fund
  • Sort Code:                    80-02-24
  • Account number:       10550063

Payment by bank transfer is preferred but cheques can also be sent to the address below on the gift aid form.

Thank you for your support.

Ian Gill, President International Sheep Veterinary Association

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