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15 June 2020

Parasite infections are an economic, health and welfare concern in all livestock systems and many are endemic in UK flocks and herds. Monitoring tools need to be used much more widely if we are to control parasites sustainably, slow down the development of anthelmintic resistance, protect the treatments we have available and improve the efficiency of livestock production.

Moredun has recently produced a useful information booklet, with funding from the Moredun Foundation and Sheep Veterinary Society, covering the subjects of roundworms, liver fluke and sheep scab, and illustrating how monitoring can be easily incorporated into your livestock system. This easy to read booklet describes how testing is key and is simple, quick and cost effective to carry out, as demonstrated by the inclusion of useful Case Studies illustrating monitoring in action. This booklet is one of Moredun’s quarterly factsheets produced for members, but in order to celebrate their Centenary, and as this booklet contains information critical for all sheep and cattle farmers, it was decided to make it available to all.

Lee Innes, Director of Communications at Moredun explained,

“We have a major research programme at Moredun to develop sustainable methods to prevent and control parasitic diseases in livestock and a vital element of that involves testing and monitoring to enable farmers to make informed decisions about parasite control. We have summarised the information in this special edition and we hope it will be helpful and useful to livestock farmers”.

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