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6 May 2024

Welcome to the May edition newsletter

While it’s been a busy time on farm for many with spring lambing and calving taking place, the RH&W group working across the four nations continue in our collective efforts to share insights, explore research and progress welfare strategies.

I was pleased to be able to share the progress made so far and our bigger picture plans with Katie Jones at Farmers Guardian in this recent interview here.

With reference to BTV-3, much preparatory work is going on in the background as we all consider how best we can use the group’s experts, network and learnings so far to help prepare for any potential developments for bluetongue (BTV-3) when the warmer weather returns.

Keep an eye out for upcoming BTV webinars as well as Defra’s series of technical webinars – the bluetongue hub link above contains all the latest updates.

Work continues on how we can inform and influence on key industry issues across the devolved nations with the technical expertise and knowledge from the steering group, and in a similar vein, plans are moving on for the upcoming GB calf strategy report.

Following our recent newsletters we have been delighted to welcome several new members to the RH&W steering group which is excellent. Remember if you or someone you know are keen to explore how get involved in our welfare strategies, or have further feedback for the group, please do email

Gwyn Jones

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