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6 September 2022

Responding to the news that Liz Truss MP has been elected new leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minster, British Veterinary Association President Justine Shotton, said:

 “Liz Truss has a long list of pressing issues to tackle as she takes up office as the new prime minster. Ensuring the UK retains its reputation for the highest standards in animal welfare must be a top priority, particularly as the UK continues to unpick the impacts of leaving the EU and looks for new trade opportunities.

“A vital first step is to ensure the Kept Animals Bill doesn’t fall by the wayside and continues its journey through Parliament and into law. The new legislation comprises a range of measures which will bring in significant positive change for the health and welfare of pets, livestock and wildlife in the UK.

“BVA has long campaigned for action in areas covered by the Bill, including measures to tackle puppy smuggling, prohibit the import of dogs with cropped ears, review zoo standards and impose a ban on keeping primates as pets. It’s essential that the new government cements plans to finally get the Kept Animals Bill over the line and into law. This crucial and long-awaited piece of legislation promises to bring in a cross-species suite of measures that will improve the lives of billions of animals and mustn’t be lost in the leadership handover.”


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