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Spring Meeting 2019, Canada

The Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario, with the support of the Sheep Veterinary Society and the University of Guelph, hosted a conference with the goal of sharing knowledge and ideas on how to improve the health of sheep and goats.


Autumn Meeting 2019, Dorset

  • Paratuberculosis in small ruminants – V. Pérez
  • A health scheme approach for Johne’s disease control in sheep – G. Caldow and D. Wilson
  • Using Gudair® vaccine to manage Johne’s disease in sheep flocks – D. O’Rourke
  • A proposed methodology for data collection and benchmarking to promote responsible medicines use within the UK beef industry – D.C. Barrett1*, J.L. Capper2, J.G. Massey1, R. Adams1, L. Morgans1 and K.K. Reyher1
  •  An investigation of cases of Streptococcus dysgalactiae infectious arthritis in lambs in one large flock – V.Swinson1, D. Bowness2 and Z. Treharne1
  • Antimicrobial sensitivity patterns of watery mouth disease E. coli isolates – R. Collins
  • Do UK sheep farmers use orf vaccine correctly and could their vaccination strategy affect vaccine efficacy? – W. Wapenaar1, S. Small2, L. Cresswell3, F. Lovatt1, E. Gummery1, J. Onyango4 and C. McQuilkin1
  • Mycoplasma infections in sheep – R. D. Ayling
  • Thoracic ultrasonography for detection of lung pathology in sheep and cattle – P. Scott
  • OPA scanning in practice – D. Hinde
  • Respiratory disease in housed lambs: the Spanish experience – T. Navarro and J. M. González
  • Assessment of sheep housing – J.F. Robertson
  • Coxiella burnetii: genome analysis of UK isolates – R. Reichel
  • Update on parasitological developments in sheep – V. Busin
  • Surveillance update – Diagnosis Not Reached – A. Carson
  • Joint beef and sheep health planning – J. Henry
  • Compulsory health planning for sheep and beef clients – L.-A. Oliver
  • A mobile-based flock health planning system for sheep – J. Rautiainen
  •  Understanding the level of interaction between the sheep farmer and veterinarian in the South West of England – T. Harding and N. Partheeban
  • SWISH – A veterinary voice for flock health – J. Hobbs
  • Using ‘Plan, Prevent, Protect’ principles to drive the responsible use of antibiotics in sheep and core metrics to measure progress – F. Lovatt
  • Reducing antibiotic usage in sheep flocks – a view from practice – E Gascoigne
  • Trace elements on beef and sheep farms – is over-supplementation now more common than deficiency?  – P.A. Bone
  • The Ontario Conference- a report – P. Howard

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