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Spring Meeting 2018, Aberystwyth

  • AberystwythIechyd Da and the Wales Veterinary Science Centre – R Daniel
  • Outbreaks of salmonellosis in sheep in Wales – R Daniel
  • The NADIS Parasite Control Package – I Gill
  • Serological survey of British sheep flocks for evidence of exposure to ovine pestiviruses – A Jennings, E Gascoigne, A Macrae, L Burrough and JP Crilly
  • Subclinical pregnancy toxaemia and neonatal losses – J Hobbs
  • Vaccine compliance: are we missing a trick, or several? – S Small
  • Farmer attitudes to SBV and BTV vaccination – JE Stokes and JS Duncan
  • Vimco – mastitis vaccination for ewes and goats – A Couper
  • Vaccination in sheep: current situation and future developments – TN McNeilly
  • Autogenous vaccines in principle and practice – TS Wallis
  • A comparison of autogenous and commercial footrot vaccines – C Helmer
  • Barbervax – D Smith
  • Bibersteinia trehalosi septicaemia in vaccinated lambs – S Bell
  • Mycoplasma and ovine pneumonia – C Lewis
  • Genetic improvement of sheep to increase health and productivity: Core concepts – W Haresign
  • Guidelines for the practical application of genetic selection in sheep – J Roden
  • Innovis’s sheep breeding programmes – D Jones and J Roden
  • EBVs in sheep – what are they, what’s new and how they can contribute to improving sheep health and production – S Boon
  • What have we learned about breeding for parasite resistance in sheep in the UK – E Steele
  • Induction and synchronisation of oestrus and ovulation in sheep with a Progesterone Intravaginal Device (CIDR Ovis) and eCG Protocol – Y Chaudhry,D Armstrong, M Thys and M Stegemann
  • The potential role of bioactive forages in controlling parasitism in sheep – CL Marley
  • The benefits of introducing cattle into sheep-only upland systems – MD Fraser and JE Vale
  • Implementing a successful flock health and parasite control plan – I White
  • Control of liver fluke: an environmental approach – I Richards
  • Macrocyclic lactone resistant Psoroptes ovis S Mitchell
  • Reducing lameness and antibiotic use in a sheep flock – E Gascoigne
  • Reducing antibiotic use at lambing time – K Hovers
  • Investigation into outbreaks of joint ill in lambs – H Stevenson
  • Condition scoring and practical feeding strategies for outdoor lambing flocks – H Kenway
  • A standardised approach to reporting suspected ectoparasite treatment failures – M Colston and D Armstrong

Autumn Meeting 2018, Windermere

  • An introduction to evidence-based veterinary medicine – M Holmes
  • How to critically appraise the literature – M Holmes
  • RCVS Knowledge – J Molyneux
  • What’s the evidence for current advice on footrot treatment and control? – L Green and R Clifton
  • What is the evidence for current advice on CODD treatment and control? – JW Angell
  • What’s the evidence for non-pathogenic coccidia being non-pathogenic? The view from practice – GL D’Alterio
  • What is the evidence for non-pathogenic coccidia being non-pathogenic? A view from the lab – E Dunnett
  • The risk factors for pregnancy toxaemia in sheep: an evidence-based approach – B Pullen
  • Treatment of pregnancy toxaemia in sheep: an evidence-based approach – H Clifford
  • What factors are associated with the survival of ewes and lambs after lambing and caesarean section? – JW Angell, S McDonnell, GL Jones and EL Hawkins
  • Hill Sheep Health North – A Carson
  • Clinical research in practice: study design-statistics: support and illumination – I Handel
  • What do funders look for? – L Genever107Assessing ewe body condition score, colostrum quality and lamb serum total proteins on two commercial flocks – K Hart
  • Distance support for on-farm investigation of adult sheep mortality – M Spinato, P Menzies, A Jones-Bitton, J Cooper and J Jansen
  • Small Ruminant Adult Mortality – Postmortem Procedure – M Spinato, P Menzies, A Jones-Bitton,  J Cooper and J JansenPolyarteritis nodosa in sheep – M Wessels, B Strugnell and P Pesavento
  • Udder under the scope: new insights into sheep mammary microenvironment in health and mastitis – K Hughesand C Phythian
  • Screening during quarantine to exclude infectious disease – a case study – E. Hill
  • Rotavirus infection in a spring lambing flock – a case study – H Burgess
  • Abomasitis in Suffolk lambs – P Middlemas
  • Chronic proliferativerhinitisassociated with Salmonella arizonaein 3rams – a case study – H Fuller
  • Peste de petit ruminants – A CarsonDo you have the evidence for how and where your clients are using the antibiotics you prescribe? – F Lovatt 

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