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Autumn Meeting 2017, Peebles

  • RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice – a practitioner’s experience – K. Hamer
  • The European College of Small Ruminant Health Management and the residency program – V. Busin
  • Doing the DipECSRHM in an alternative residency – E. Gascoigne
  • Is there a need for a UK support group for candidates undertaking an alternative residency with the ECSRHM? – F. Lovatt
  • Challenges facing farm animal veterinary profession in UK: Results of two psycho-social studies – J. Kaler
  • Expanding sheep workload in practice – H. Kenway
  • Expanding sheep work in practice – R. Jones
  • Developing flock health and production consultancy – P. Davies
  • Rehydration in adult small ruminants – D. J. Renney
  • Tick borne diseases: an overview – P. Phipps
  • Louping ill virus: Using new techniques to study an old foe – J. Clark
  • Diagnosis of tick-borne fever (TBF) in sheep – M. Rocchia, A. Grayb, E. Laminga, D. Turnbulla, F. Chianinia, 29A. Aguilar Garciac, M. Connellya and M. Maleya
  • Pathological observations of tick-borne fever and intercurrent bacterial infections in lambs – R. Daniel, C. Evans, R. Cookson, K. Pugh, A. Carson and M. Wessels
  • Angus Glens tick control – I. Gill
  • Ticks as vectors, focusing on Ixodes ricinus – C. Millins
  • Sub-acute rumen acidosis in sheep: a dairy vet’s thoughts – D. Grove-White
  • Sheep feeding: practical objectives and recent developments – R. Jones
  • Profit from pastures – T. Cook
  • Cross cultural experiences with sheep – Norway and the UK – S. Meling
  • Pain in sheep – M. Corke, K. McLennan, C. Rebelo, O. Franks, C. Reid, F. Constanino-Casas and M. Holmes
  • Ovine dystocia: a predictable matter of life and death – S. McDonnell, J.W. Angell and E.L. Hawkins
  • How the force required to insert a needle changes with reuse – H. Clifford
  • The art and science of pedigree neonatal lambs – H. Svensgaard
  • Patterns and resistance levels in Nematodirus battus – L. Melville, J. Van Dijk, S. Mitchell, A. Morrison, G. Innocent and D. Bartley
  • Responsible use of antimicrobials: Good Practice Guidelines – Sheep Veterinary Society July 2017

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