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Spring Meeting 2016, Skipton

  • Antimicrobial resistance – J Duncan
  • Antimicrobial use and resistance in sheep: what do we know? – Lucy Coyne
  • A practical guide to antibiotic use in small ruminants – M. Groenevelt
  • A quick overview of the Dutch regulations with regards to the use of antibiotics – M. Groenevelt
  • Talking to sheep farmers about antibiotic usage – a view from general practice – H. Jones
  • Post mortem examination in small ruminants – D. Harwood
  • How to get the most from your diagnostic laboratory – R. Mearns
  • The sheep industry in Craven – M. Thompson
  • The use of colostrum supplements in lambs – M.J. Corke, l.R. Doster and R.M. Gunaratne
  • Colostrum and the goat kid – K. Bazeley
  • Anthelmintic study update – results of the recent WAARD project – E. Thomas
  • An immunogenetic analysis of host resistance to nematode infection in sheep – M. Stear, C. Nakielny, N. Brady, C. Sotomaior and K. Fairlie-Clarke
  • Anthelmintic use in goats – V. Busin
  • Sheep economics and AHDB Stocktake benchmarking – C. Davis
  • Key performance indicators for goat kids II – K. Bazeley
  • Economics of small ruminant milk production – a practitioner’s perspective – Y. Alony-Gilboa
  • Veterinary treatments for sheep and goats when kept together – G. Duncanson
  • Sharing surveillance intelligence – L.A. Stringer and S.I. Robertson
  • The British Wool Marketing Board – I. Buchanan
  • An update on CODD in sheep – J. Angell, D. Grove-White and J. Duncan
  • Collection and communication of inspection results – current status – F. Lovatt
  • Lead poisoning in lambs – case study – D. Ross
  • Cloudburst in goats – what we know – E. Gascoigne
  • Bluetongue update – A. Carson
  • The Cascade: now and in the future – L. Reynolds
  • Motivating farmers, encouraging vets and getting lambs to grow – Fiona Lovatt

Autumn Meeting 2016, Newquay

  • Sheep vaccines: their benefits, how they work, the different types and their limitations – G. Entrican
  • What’s in the box? Taking care of vaccines – B. Girvan and P. Williams
  • Vaccines not authorised for use in sheep – the responsibilities of vets – F. Lovatt
  • Vaccine use in practice – I. Gill
  • On-farm breeding for resistance to internal parasites: What’s the problem? – T. White
  • APHA ruminant parasitology and surveillance of extensive livestock – S. Mitchell
  • Lifecycle of liver fluke – J.P. Crilly
  • Liver fluke diagnostics, monitoring and control – H. Stevenson
  • Liver fluke surveillance farms – F. Hutchings and M. Colston
  • Triclabendazole resistance: genetic markers and levels of resistance in the field – J. Hodgkinson
  • Progress with vaccines against the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica – K. Cwiklinski, H. Jewhurst and J.P. Dalton
  • Lamb colostrum study – K. Hovers
  • New ways to tackle the threat of worms: Development of vaccines – T. McNeilly
  • Maedi visna in a commercial flock- a case report – L. Nabb and M. Glover
  • Farmer adoption of welfare policies and practices – C.E. Milne and L.A. Paton
  • SAC Consulting Veterinary Services: Ovine abortion data 2015 – H. Stevenson

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