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Spring Meeting 2015, Stratford upon Avon

  • Food chain information and collection and communication of results – P. Stocker
  • Undergraduate Veterinary education at Liverpool Veterinary School – J.S. Duncan
  • Sheep Welfare, a practitioner’s experiences – T.J. Bebbington
  • How the veterinary investigation service will meet industry needs – A. Carson
  • Iceberg Diseases – F. Lovatt
  • Maedi Visna in a commercial flock – L. Stubbings
  • Maedi Visna: Where are we now? – L. Gibson
  • An update on the health status of our flock – H. Svensgaard
  • Do we need pretty sheep – S. Harker
  • Effect of FEC EBVS on PPR in adult ewes – P. Baber
  • Lumbosacral epidural anaesthesia – K. Hamer
  • Trial of the Scandinavian AI method under British sheep farming conditions – J.P. Crilly, A. Holmstrom and N.Sargison
  • Multiplex Elisa kip for measuring antibodies to VMV/CAEV, CLA and map in sheep and goat flocks – E. Gascoigne

Autumn meeting 2015, Isle of Mull

  • Investigation of ill thrift in adult sheep – H. Stevenson
  • The Clinical course of Ovine Paratuberculosis – K.A. Abbot, H. McGregor and R.J. Whittington
  • Helminth parasite diversity in Argyll and The Inner Hebrides – N. Sargison
  • Crofts, crofters and crofting – the unique form of land tenure in the Scottish Highlands and Islands – P. Tomlinson
  • The Highlands and Islands veterinary service scheme – S.M. Voas
  • New Sheep scab diagnostic test – S.T.G. Burgess, F. Nunn and A. J Nisbet
  • Pen-side diagnosis of sheep scab using a paper-based microfluidic device – V. Busin, W. Shu and S.T.G. Burgess
  • Scab Control Schemes – I. Gill

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The Sheep Veterinary Society publishes the papers presented at its two scientific meetings each year.

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