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Spring Meeting 2014, Bristol

  • Grass – it is not just about sward height – L. Genever
  • Assessment of pain in sheep – M. Corke, K. McLennan, C. Rebelo and F. Constanino-Casas
  • Johne’s disease in Sheep – P. Brown
  • Diagnosis of ovine pulmonary adenocarcinima in sheep practice – P.R. Scott
  • OPA, a view from the lab – C. Cousens
  • Skin disease conundrums – H. Stevenson
  • Sheep diseases in Brazil – differences from the UK – L.C.N. Mendes
  • An attempt to eradicate footrot and to make a footrot health plan – I. Stamphoj
  • Sheep Scab – a history – C. Lewis
  • Joint sheep and beef CPD – the BCVA view – G. Hateley
  • Investigation and treatment of an outbreak of ovine psoroptic otoacariasis – J.P. Crilly, F. Nunn, E. Marr, S. Burgess, A. Jennings and N. Sargison
  • Priorities for the sheep industry – P. Baber
  • Iodine supplementation in breeding ewes – a case study – D. Bowness
  • A pilot observational case – control study to study the effects of foot trimming lame sheep – F. Lovatt and P. Page
  • Farmers’ and veterinarians’ perceptions of lameness and pain in sheep – C. Thompson, K. Rutherford, J. Conington, J. Williams and A. Zanella

Autumn meeting 2014, Darlington

  • A year in the life of the Sheep Veterinary Society – F. Lovatt
  • Clinical and radiographic features of contagious ovine digital dermatitis (CODD) – J. Angell, R. Blundell, D. Grove-White and J. Duncan
  • Small ruminant production – sustainability and the environment – B. Hosie
  • Modern sheep breeding – an evolution or a revolution? – J. Conington and M. Coffey
  • The strategic application of genomics to sheep breeding – S.C. Bishop
  • Encouraging pedigree and commercial sheep producers to engage in genetic improvement – S. Boon
  • How will the sheep industry progress – J. Geldard
  • Johne’s disease control – R.A. Juste
  • All grass wintering of sheep – D.R. Jones, J. E Vipond, P. Frater and E. Genever
  • GM2 Gangliosidosis in British Jacob sheep – M. Wessels
  • GM2 Gangliosidosis in the UK Jacob flock – H. Carty
  • The Molecular and Human dimension – T.M. Cox
  • Innovation and tools for flock health – A. Gibbs, B. Lingard and K. Hovers
  • Recording date – what we want from it and the pitfalls – P. Page
  • Use of electronic identification to record ram performance on farm – S. Williams
  • Penmachno tick project report – E. Hawkins
  • Genetic diversity of herdwicks and other Lakeland breeds – A. Carson
  • Varicocele in a ram – J.J. Hull

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The Sheep Veterinary Society publishes the papers presented at its two scientific meetings each year.

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