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Autumn Meeting 2013, Edinburgh

  • The Evolving role of farm animal veterinary medicine and the future direction of the Sheep Veterinary Society – N.D. Sargison
  • A longitudinal analysis of uptake of sustainable parasite control practices by the Scottish sheep farmers – C.M. Jack, E. Hotchkiss, N.D. Sargison, C.E. Milne, L. Toma and D.J. Bartley
  • Improved use of abattoir information to aid the management of liver fluke in cattle and sheep – S. Mazeri, I. Handel, M. Bronsvoort and N.D. Sargison
  • Stamp out scab – training and awareness campaign – K. Phillips
  • Mastitis in ewes – S. Cooper and L. Green
  • Updates on lameness research at Warwick and Bristol – L. Green and R. Grogono-Thomas
  • Transhumance and history – D. Spengler
  • Development of rna interference for vaccine candidate identification in Psoroptes OvisE.J. Marr, N.D. Sargison, A.J. Nisbet and S.T.G. Burgess
  • Closantel toxicity in ewes – J.P. Crilly, J. del Pozo, P.R. Scott, D.J. Wilson, I.G.R. Truyers and N.D. Sargison
  • Welfare cases and enforcement – L. Lowseck
  • Improving sheep welfare by reducing disease incidence with greater veterinary practitioner involvement on farm – P.R. Scott
  • Schmallenberg for beginners – H.B. Svensgaard
  • Osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joint – C. Arthur
  • The future of fluke – P.J. Skuce and R.N. Zadoks

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