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Spring Meeting 2012, Harrogate

  • Farming in the Yorkshire Dales: Changes in a Lifetime – A. Winter
  • Preserving our heritage of native sheep breeds – D. Bowles OBE
  • What’s new with welfare? – P. Goddard
  • Changes in legislation effecting research – C.N. Macaldowie
  • A comparison of organic versus non-organic sheep post mortem diagnoses in England and Wales – R. Reichel
  • The five step plan to reducing lameness in sheep – R. Clements
  • Current issues for veterinary surgeons’ health and welfare – D.J. Bartram
  • Hypervitaminosis A in lambs fed milk replacer – R. Reichel, J.H. Payne, A. Otter, A. Holliman, A.P. Foster, E.S.E. Mitchell, J.R. Jones, A. Schock and N.G.A Woodger
  • Vets into outer Mongolia – K. Hamer
  • New strategies to address sustainable sheep farming: application of a targeted selective treatment approach for anthelmintic use of a commercial farm – V. Busin, F. Kenyon, N. Laing, M.J. Denwood, D. Mcbean, N. Sargison and K. Ellis
  • In-water antibiotic medication for the treatment of infectious ovine keratoconjunctivitis (IOK) – F. Murdoch
  • Chronic copper poisoning in sheep grazing clover sward – J. Henry

Autumn Meeting 2012, Shrewsbury

  • Grassland management: the basis and the future – E. Genever
  • Impact of footrot vaccination and antibiotic therapy on footrot and contagious ovine digital dermatitis:a split flock randomised treatment trail – J.S. Duncan, D. Grove-White, E. Moks, D. Carroll,J.W. Oultram, C.J. Phythian and H. Williams
  • E. coli 0157 – a modern disaster story – A. Andrews
  • Welfare of dairy goats on commercial farms in the UK – K. Anzuino
  • The epidemiology of caprine arthrutus encephalitis in Poland and its influence on milk production – J. Kapa and M. Czopowicz
  • Maedi visna – results of a national survey and effects in heavily infected flocks – C. Ritchie
  • Lameness in two dairy goat herds – M. Groenevelt, K. Anzuino, K. Bazeley, S. Smith, N. Perkins and R. Grogono-Thomas
  • An introduction to flock recording software – G. Megarry
  • The role of the SQP in the supply chain – I. Scott
  • A prospective on-farm cohort study investigating the epidemiology and pathophysiology of drunken lambsyndrome – J. Angell, G. Jones, D. Grove-White, E. Jones, R.J. Higgins and A. Otter
  • Treating drunken lamb syndrome characterised by d-lactic acidosis – J. Angell, G. Jones, K. Voigt andD. Grove-White
  • Practical Aspects of colostrum supplement in lambs – S.J. Harker
  • Sheep and the law – some legal issues arising from criminal cases involving sheep welfare – P. Roger
  • Benzimidazole resistance in nematodirus battus – I. Richards

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