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Spring Meeting 2011, Denmark

  • Sheep farming in Denmark up to the present day – S. Bek-Pedersen
  • Linholmen lamb – a pedigree flock of Gotland sheep in practice – H.Björk Averpil
  • Important sheep flock health issues in Scandinavia and Northern Europe – M. J. Ulvund
  • Elimination of severe footrot from the Norwegian sheep population: a progress report – S. Vatn, L. Hektoen, B. Høyland, A. Reiersen, A.H. Kampen and H.J. Jørgensen
  • Management of footrot in transhumance sheep systems in South Germany – H. Strobel
  • Eradicating footrot with gamithromycin and PCR testing – I. Stamphoj
  • Efforts to eliminate ovine footrot in nineteen Swedish flocks – U. König and H. Björk Averpil
  • Ticks and tick-borne infections in sheep in the Nordic countries – S. Stuen
  • Eradication of caseous lymphadenitis under extensive management conditions on the Scottish hill farm – K. Voigt, G.J. Baird, F. Munro, F. Murray and F. Brülisauer
  • An outbreak of caseous lymphadenitis in a Norwegian ram circle and attempts to eliminate the disease – L. Hektoen
  • Triple anthelmintic resistance associated with high perinatal mortality in a German sheep flock – K. Voigt, M. Scheuerle and D. Hamel
  • Detection of benzimidazole-resistant Haemonchus contortus in sheep in Greece using allele-specific PCR – E. Gallidis, K. Angelopoulou and E. Papadopoulos
  • Milk drop syndrome in dairy ewes: a survey of the causes in Greece – N.D. Giadinis, G. Arsenos, P. Tsakos, V. Psychas, C. Dovas, E. Papadopoulos, H. Karatzias and G.C. Fthenakis
  • Transmission of Mannheimia haemolytica from lambs’ tonsils to ewes’ teats – I.A. Fragkou, D.A. Gougoulis,C. Billinis, V.S. Mavrogianni, M.J. Bushnell, P.J. Cripps, A. Tzora and G.C. Fthenakis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of joint infections in 39 adult sheep – P.R. Scott
  • Acute fasciolosis in housed lambs – D. Spengler
  • Conception rates after cervical insemination with frozen-thawed semen in Danish suffolks – A.K. Nymand
  • Paper presented at Lancaster 2010 Short tail docking of pedigree or show sheep – N.D. Sargison

Autumn Meeting 2011, Malvern

  • Welcome to Worcestershire – A. Gibbs
  • Parasite control: a need for rationalisation and integration? – M. Taylor
  • Why should we think about combination anthelmintics? – D.J. Bartram
  • Proposed management of ovine footrot in Great Britain: evidence from research 1999 to 2011 – L. Green andR. Grogono-Thomas
  • Understanding footrot in sheep: management and science for today and tomorrow – R. Grogono-Thomas andL. Green
  • Demonstration of Reading University’s model of footrot in ewes – F. Lovatt
  • Update on bluetongue and foot and mouth disease – C. Lewis
  • Current status of the European College of Small Ruminant Health Management – P.A. Roger and G.C. Fthenakis
  • Suspected hereditary oxalate nephropathy in Zwartbles sheep – B.W. Strugnell, C.M. Gaudie, M. Wessels, A. Schock and I. Davies
  • An unusual case – D. Hinde 77Shetland caseous lymphadenitis control scheme – H. Liebeschuetz
  • A case-control study of the effect of orf on pre-weaned lambs – F. Lovatt 

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