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Autumn Meeting 2009, Pitlochry

  • Ovine mastitis: an overview of the disease and its control – G.C. Fthenakis and V.S. Mavrogianni
  • Sheep practice in Tayside – farmers’ concerns regarding sustainable sheep production – I. Gill
  • The concept of sustainably competitive agriculture: organic cattle and sheep production – L. Downey and G. Purvis
  • Principles of organic production: costs and returns – D. Gray
  • An update of tick-borne diseases – S. Stuen
  • Organic production regulations – K.A. Ellis
  • Controlling ectoparasites in organic sheep flocks – P. Bates
  • Ticks: the use of sheep to prepare safe ground for grouse – I. Gill
  • Health planning for organic lamb production: route vaccination – C. Lewis
  • Prevention of lameness in sheep – A. Ridler
  • Can sheep primed with one inactivated bluetongue virus serotype 8 vaccine be boostered with another? – D.J. Bartram, L. Heasman, C.A. Batten, C.A.L. Oura, J. Plana-Duran, H.M. Yuen and A.D.M. Wylie
  • Sustainable worm control: the need for change – D.J. Wilson
  • Reducing selection for anthelmintic resistance in roundworms: the importance of refuge – L. Stubbings
  • Fasciolosis in sheep: a major challenge to the sheep industry – G.B.B. Mitchell
  • Management of anthelmintic resistance: targeted selective treatments – F. Kenyon
  • Alternative to anthelmintics for the management of helminth parasites – J. Houdijk
  • Rearing pet (orphan) lambs – K. Dun
  • Escherichia fergusonii in sheep in the Scottish Highlands: prevalence and potential pathogenicity factors – K. Voigt, J. Evans, I. MacArthur and G. Foster
  • Characterostics of UK flocks affected by Steptococcus dysgalactiae polyarthritis – S.J. Rutherford
  • The sustainability of hill sheep flocks in England – R. Thompson

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