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Membership Registration Flow

  1. Completion of online application form
  2. Email acknowledgement receipt will be sent
  3. Application presented to our Committee for approval.
  4. Non-approval – notification email and/or letter sent out and all details removed from our systems.
  5. Approval – notification email and/or letter with details to setup subscription payment.
  6. Payment confirmed
  7. Welcome email with website login details.

Membership Types we offer


Membership Type Description Yearly Cost
Full members Open to all persons holding veterinary degree recognised by the Royal College of veterinary surgeons (RCVS) Evidence should be produced annually of each full members BVA membership where applicable there is no provision for part-time membership £75.00
Associate members Other persons interested who hold a degree, diploma or other relevant professional qualifications or experience that is considered acceptable to the Executive Committee. Where this qualification is not in an animal science, membership will be dependent on the proposed member being in relevant employment £75.00
Student & New graduate members Student membership shall be open to undergraduate veterinary students studying in the UK or Eire for a degree registrable with the RCVS. Student Members shall receive benefits of membership, the terms of which are to be decided by the Executive from time to time, with the exception of voting rights. Student membership is also open to postgraduate students who are registered on a full time degree course relevant to the aims of the Society £10.00
Honorary members Those awarded an honorary lifetime membership for outstanding services to the sheep veterinary Society and / or sheep health and welfare N/A
Retired members Retired membership shall be open to veterinary surgeons who are “retired”; which is to say that they derive no income from their membership of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and are registered as such. Retired Members shall receive all the privileges of membership of the Society with the exception of voting rights.

Retired associate membership is available to those previously associate members having retired from gainful employment in the sheep industry by agreement of the executive


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The SVS is the leading UK professional society who specialise in sheep health and welfare.

In joining our society you can expect information and support relating to sheep veterinary care including: access to our private members forum, and support from veterinarians experts for their interest and knowledge in sheep related care.

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