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What we do

Sheep health and welfare are promoted through:

  • Scientific meetings
  • Organisation of Continuing Professional Development sessions
  • Support for the Certificate and Diploma in Sheep Health and Production
  • Regular stands at specialist sheep agricultural shows (e.g. Sheep 2000)
  • Representation on the British Veterinary Association council and in specialist committees
  • Workshops to develop society policy to topics of immediate interest
  • Publication of annual proceedings and other specialist booklets
  • Twice yearly circulation of all members of minutes of OGM and AGM, forthcoming meetings and CPD courses
  • Competitive travel and student scholarships aimed at imroving or developing an interest in selected areas of sheep medicine and husbandry

Details of our current Executive Committee:-

President: Iain Richards
Senior Vice President: Kathryn Dun
Junior Vice President: Yoav Alony-Gilboa
Secretary: Heather Stevenson
Treasurer: Tricia Sutton
Conference Organiser: James P Crilly





Our Aim

“To promote the prevention
of disease and the welfare of
sheep by providing a forum
for discussion, distribution of
research results and provision
of advice on veterinary
matters relating to sheep”

Contact the Society

Sheep Veterinary Society,
SVS Secretariat,
Moredun Research Institute,
International Research Centre,
Pentlands Science Park,
Bush Loan, Penicuik,
Midlothian, EH26 0PZ

VAT No: 246 5043 16

Tel: +44 131 445 5111
Fax: +44 131 445 6235