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CPD & Knowledge Base

Following recent discussions at the 2016 AGM by the SVS committee it was suggested that work areas be created with SVS committee members taking a lead and co-opting two or three SVS members to assist in the development of these areas including attending meetings. The aim is hopefully to incorporate members with experience and newer members who can build resilience for the future of SVS.

Regular teleconferences are held by the SVS committee to which the groups can provide updates.

If you would like to contribute to a group please email the SVS committee member by the end of February 2017 saying briefly what your interest is and what you hope to contribute to the group.

Working group

SVS Committee Member



Iain Richards

Emily Gascoigne

CPD/event planning

Kim Hamer


Jennifer Duncan

Tim Bebbington

Parasitology /AHR

Valentina Busin

James Crilly


Heather Stevenson

Amanda Carson


Our Aim

“To promote the prevention
of disease and the welfare of
sheep by providing a forum
for discussion, distribution of
research results and provision
of advice on veterinary
matters relating to sheep”

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